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In an increasingly unpredictable and unstable world economy, there are few investments today that you can count on to pay off. For the last couple of decades the market has been fluctuating wildly, leaving investors with anxieties regarding where to put their money. If you are like the majority of investors, it is highly likely that most of your funds are in some way tied to the value of U.S. dollars or some other form of paper currency. Perhaps you have never even seen your dollars, stocks, and bonds physically, and for the sake of convenience, you do all of your banking and trading electronically. To put it in investor terminology, we would say your portfolio consists of “paper assets” and “electronic assets.” As safe as your portfolio may seem, the harsh reality is that paper assets and electronic assets can fall victim to the whims of the unsteady global economy. It wasn’t long ago that the terrorist attacks of September 11th set off financial panic in America, causing countless investors’ portfolios to suddenly plunge in value. It is in catastrophic moments such as September 11th that, through no fault of your own, your ostensibly secure investments can crumble in an instant. It is for this reason that investing in gold is becoming more and more attractive. Diversifying your portfolio is known to be a great strategic move by even the most amateur investors, but few people consider adding gold to their portfolio. Often seen as a fringe option, investing in gold is actually one of the safest investments you can make. People simply don’t know how to get started. Investing in gold is not as difficult as you might assume, and to simplify the process for you, we are offering our definitive Gold Investors Guide FREE. Our guide is an invaluable resource with which you can teach yourself to secure your wealth in gold. Don’t wait until the next September 11th happens, get our Gold Investors Guide today and learn how you can protect your money and invest in Gold IRA’S.

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Capital Gold Group is a highly rated, accredited business with the Southern California Better Business Bureau. As an accredited business, the Better Business Bureau is satisfied that we honor our commitments and agree to uphold the accreditations standards of the BBB, which include a commitment to act in accordance with ethical business practices and to respond to customer complaints. As a result of our record of excellence, the Better Business Bureau has awarded Capital Gold Group an A+ rating, which in their own words indicates that we have not had a significant number of complaints or other considerations that could pose a problem to consumers.

We are also members of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC), and the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA).

Sponsorships include the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC), Investment Management Consultants Association (IMCA). We have also exhibited and presented at various wealth management and investment conferences including Tax Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals, Financial Advisor Symposium, and Certified Senior Advisors.

We offer our clients a unique understanding of the challenges faced by collectors today and help them build a financial future they can rely on.

From our CEO to our experienced team of Gold Specialists, our focus is on helping you understand the impact of the most important domestic and global financial events in the market today on your long-term savings and retirement, as well as the time-tested, fundamental benefits of owning a portion of your investment portfolio in physical gold.

We value our clients, listen to their concerns, help further their knowledge of gold and precious metals, and make recommendations that we believe will help them reach the financial future they envision. We realize how important your investment dollars are to you and how difficult it is to save. Our number one goal is to help you protect the value of those long-term funds so they will be able to meet your needs in the future.

We offer our clients decades of combined experience in the precious metals market and employ a highly experienced staff committed to excellence in every aspect of our business. From our management team who keeps our CEO’s vision in sight to the wonderful voices who answer our phones, the Gold Specialists who are there to assist you with your purchase and beyond, the numismatists who assemble our client portfolios, and the people in administration and shipping who make sure your order is accurate and reaches you safely, each individual is committed to a vision of excellence, reliability, transparency, and customer care that brings our clients back again and again.


Precious Metals IRA: Fortify Your Retirement with Precious Metals

Stabilize and balance your IRA in physical gold and silver with Capital Gold Group. We will show you how it is possible to minimize risk, to reduce loss of value caused by inflation, and to use your investment time wisely. An IRA Specialist will help determine the eligibility of your funds and assist with the transfer or rollover with expert precision.

Proof Gold and Silver, as well as various types of common bullion, are eligible to be placed in a Precious Metals IRA. Your IRA Specialist will provide you a comprehensive guide of allowable metals and recommend the allocation of precious metals right for you.

Do you own a portfolio full of paper assets?

If you are like the majority of collectors, most of your investment portfolio may be denominated in U.S. dollars evidenced by a simple piece of paper – a stock certificate or statement from a brokerage account, a quarterly statement from your IRA or 401k custodian, or a bank statement showing the Certificates of Deposit you own or savings accounts you have and what they are earning.

For the sake of convenience and in an effort to help protect the environment, you may have elected to forego the paper statement, and you rely on the Internet to access electronic statements from your broker or custodian reflecting the assets you own. Your online brokerage accounts reflect your unrealized gains and losses in real time, registering instant fluctuations in account values that can make even the most prudent collectors nervous. Immediate and convenient, electronic finance ties into a global network of records and information, resulting in a new “global economy” with implications all its own to factor into your investment decisions.

At certain times, however, the dangers of a portfolio held completely in “paper assets” or “electronic assets” becomes painfully clear. The value of your $100,000 IRA or 401(k) drops to $50,000 in a week due to crashing markets resulting from an act of terrorism or a lack of proper financial regulation of which you are completely unaware. These are the realities many of us experienced after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, and again in 2008 after the collapse of Wall Street and near financial meltdown of the U.S. financial system and its global ripple effect.

Even when we are fortunate enough to see our account balances slowly rising, we know that our dollar is “shrinking” – it will buy less tomorrow than it does today. There is a third option beyond paper and electronic ownership that provides for physical possession of real assets. “Physical possession” is the option which applies to the real gold and other precious metal assets offered by Capital Gold Group, and it is an option which more collectors and institutions are turning to every year in an effort to help minimize the risk in their overall portfolio and to help manage the disastrous effects of erratic markets and currency devaluation to their long-term dollars and reserve assets.

Owning Physical Gold

There are two ways in which to own physical precious metals. In either case, a measure of safety, stability and risk management is added to the portfolio in which it is held, which is why we refer to precious metals as “portfolio insurance”.

When the funds being converted into precious metals such as gold and silver are coming from a non-qualified account such as a savings account, CD, money market, or brokerage account outside of an IRA, we can ship the physical metals directly to the address you designate. This option is favored because physical possession of the assets gives you immediate accessibility and liquidity, and removes all counter party risk (risk of loss due to the default or non-performance by another party to the transaction). We also have insured, third-party storage options available.

When the funds being converted into gold, silver or other precious metals are coming from a qualified account, such as an existing IRA or 401(k)with a former employer, we can assist you in opening a Precious Metals IRA and transferring the desired percentage of your existing retirement funds into ownership of physical metals inside the IRA. IRS Code does require that assets in an IRA be held by a custodian or trustee, therefore, we have chosen Self Directed IRA Services, Inc., the most reliable precious metals custodian in the country, to administer our clients’ accounts, with storage provided by Delaware Depository Service Company, a high security, licensed insured depository with safeguards in place for the protection of your IRA assets.

Whether in your hands or in your IRA, precious metals are one of the simplest, most conservative ways to protect your long-term savings and retirement.

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Get your FREE Gold investors guide
Discover the secrets about buying and investing in gold that many dealers don’t want you to know. We lay it all out for you in this step-by-step, information packed guide. Get yours today for FREE.

Get your Free GOLD Guide
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Get your FREE Gold investors guide
Discover the secrets about buying and investing in gold that many dealers don’t want you to know. We lay it all out for you in this step-by-step, information packed guide. Get yours today for FREE.

Get your Free GOLD Guide
Right Now!

We look forward to Helping you
Thank You! Capital Gold Group